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Britt & Associates - Debt Relief

Today, even the most capable, successful individuals face mounting economic pressures. Past successes do not translate into immediate cash needs. We can help with debt relief in complex debt structures including tax obligations.

Tax Collection Alternatives

Even if you owe taxes but cannot pay, both the IRS and GaDOR offer collection alternatives ranging from Offers In Compromise, Installment Agreements, or Partial Payment Installment Agreements. Do not be fooled by television ads promising amazing tax relief. They are too good to be true. The IRS and GaDOR rules are difficult, and the standards are demanding. But, we can help you just as we have helped others.

the debt structure is beyond your ability to overcome, bankruptcy may provide the best means of achieving a fresh start

- Chapter 7 Liquidation
Generally a Chapter 7 Liquidation discharges all of your unsecured liabilities except taxes. You may reassume some of your secured debts and emerge with a fresh start. If you have non-discharged taxes, you may be able to emerge with the means to pursue an installment agreement or other collection alternative.

- Chapter 13 Payment Plan
Generally a Chapter 13 Payment Plan reduces your unsecured liabilities except taxes to a manageable amount based upon your ability to pay. Your secured debts are reduced to their fair market value and any excess is treated as unsecured. By stretching your payments over five (5) years, you can often emerge debt free.

- Chapter 11 Reorganization
Generally a Chapter 11 Reorganization consolidates your liabilities into an approved plan. Though difficult and complex, a Chapter 11 Reorganization is often the only avenue available to a taxpayer with an overwhelming tax liability but good prospects in the long term.


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