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As news warrants we are also proud to provide you with extended commentary on other topics of interest.  Some of those articles are available below.
  TEFRA Rules Repealed --  Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 Dramatically Changes Tax Treatment of Partnerships
  Tax Scams, Tax Cheats, Bitcoin as Property not Cash, When to make the first offer in negotiations
  Taxes and Politics, Tax Plans of Leading Candidates, Obama Care and Your Taxes, Millenials and Taxes, Unusual Medical Deductions
  2016 Tax Strategies, Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney, Death and Income Taxes, 10 Reasons to Fear and Audit
  Small Businesss and the IRS, Should you File Bankruptcy, 10 Tax Troubles You can Avoid, Unique Deductions
  Litigation Costs in Contingent Fee Cases - Loans or Business Expenses
  Financial Hardship Exception to the IRS Compliance Rules
  Mediating with the IRS

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